about us

We have no magic methods either, although we also only "boil with water". And if there´s no water supply in your favourite location, we simply bring it along in containers.

We are passionate about going the extra mile for you if it leads to a successful event.
If the power generator breaks down just minutes before the big wedding-fireworks we can certainly help out with some extension cables. Because we already have encountered nearly every possible emergency we take with us all the things that could be useful.

By the way, the only thing we don´t do is being a Host for you at our company`s place, as we dont posess an  event location of our own.
Apart from that we cater for you everywhere and anytime, even if things take a while longer, in large groups just as gladly as with a few friends.

We don´t want to convince you to choose scottish salmon if Schnitzel matches your event better. We even serve your own wine if that is your wish.

At our own butcher shop we produce the sausages and meat that we work with. In general we gladly use seasonal and local ingredients.

Our longest ladder is 6 m long but if you want us to decorate a taller christmastree we surely come up with an idea. We don´t decorate cocktails with fruits that nobody eats, and even if the speech was not planned in the minutely detailed schedule we react lightning-fast.

Even if we barbecue for you on New Year´s Eve, of course with charcoal if that is your wish, we let nothing scorch. We dont offer any pre-built "Wedding Buffet " or "Menu #7" but we wear funny hats if it suits your events master plan.

And sometimes we snatch a bit of the chocolate mousse, don´t tell anybody...

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